At Young Children’s World we believe children learn through their play and that they must practice playing to become good students in big school. We provide a variety of messy (sensory) play with paint, mud, water, shaving cream, and sand. Children must first learn to control their environments before they can control themselves. Children learn to read by being able to decode symbols. They do this by learning to organize their environment through sorting, classifying, and seriating objects. This is why we spend time in block, fine motor, and sensory play. Children cannot comprehend what they read unless they can see a story in their heads. To be able to see a story, they must be able to tell a story. We learn to tell and act out stories in dramatic play, circle time, and literacy circle. If children can act a story, they can comprehend what they read. The more children practice play, the deeper the level of learning. At YCW we believe that guided play is a child’s work. Inspired by Reggio Emillio, Young Children’s World’s primary objective is Kindergarten readiness through ample time spent in guided play.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Welcome to YCW

I'm happy to share with you Young Children's World's first blog post.  I'm hoping this can serve as an additional form of communication between our program and you the family.  Please let me know ways that we can serve you better through this media.  We are still under construction so be patient with us.  I will be adding additional information throughout the rest of the year.  Thank you for letting us care for your family!

Shea Lea Roberson
Program Director

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